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So too will his belief that people, rather than town planners, are often the best judges of what sort of environment suits themI think most of us can agree that on our current trajectory as earthlings with regard to how we treat the earth, we're going to be in troubleIn somewhat more dubious taste is a photograph of the twin towers of Chartres cathedral, which are said to "resemble Christ's two fingers held aloft"While this may be bold, it’s also an intensely conservative philosophy – one that holds that mankind has gone increasingly awry since the Age of Reason, let alone MechanisationI found this book difficult to put down as I was constantly stimulated with new concepts and information that are not mainstreamPeople with wood-burning stoves will quite like it I think.Books like this only really get away with saying what they do because they never make specific enough statements that can be adequately challengedThat there is global warming, that it is manmade, and that it is dangerous, for exampleThis, one takes it, is his contribution to the war on terrorThe Prince uses science when it suits him, to establish climate change, and drops it when it fails to support his views on alternative medicine


In the 20th century, I was told, physicists such as Einstein and Niels Bohr made discreet trips to Granada to unravel the palace's codeIt is all very much about him: he keeps popping up in photos, like an impeccably tailored Forrest Gump, beside Buddhist temples in Indonesia, or a mothering albatross in New ZealandIt features in Aldous Huxley's The Perennial Philosophy (1945), and informs the work of the poet Kathleen Raine (1908-2003), one of the founders of the Tenemos Academy of which the prince is patronIt wouldn't get reviewed in national newspapers if it weren't for its authorThe seven basic chapters (Harmony, Nature, Golden Thread, Age of Disconnection, Renaissance, Foundations and Relationship) cite the mess we're living in, why we're in this mess, the history of the mess and how we can get ourselves out of the mess.HRH: "Science can tell us how things work, but it is not equipped to tell us what they mean I had to read this book in chunks, not because it was boring but because it was so insightful -- I needed to let what HRH was saying simmer a bit within my headHe then explains how we lost that along the way to become a mechanistic and materialistic societyThe way this is written does come across as what can only be described as a rambling rant, and is written in a manner that I have never come across before which is the reason it didn't get four starsI can think of a few people who would really enjoy this book(Tracy T) Now that I've read this book, I feel that I have developed a stronger appreciation for nature, good architecture, good living practices, and so much more.I hope you'll read it, and more importantly, I hope it will inspire you to do "something" for this little planet of oursI think the Prince meant to say something like "vast, as yet unknown, numbers of creatures", but I like the idea of leviathans roaming the earth, which have bravely escaped attempts to stamp serial numbers on their hidesThe unifying thread, however, is the need to abandon a soulless modernity for a traditional spiritualityOur future monarch is well known for the stances he has taken on sustainability, organic farming and the failings of modernist architecture, among other issuesThough not a scientist himself, Prince Charles has access to scientists and others, people who understand that Nature is more than a bunch of plants and animals but a whole, living creation, one which sustains us, nurtures usIn ancient Europe, India, China and Africa, life was always understood to be a cyclical processIn version 6.0 click "trust site" or add to your Trusted Site listDec 22, 2010 Liz Neves rated it really liked it So far, I'm liking where this is going, but considering the subject and urgent tone, this book should be printed on recycled or FSC certified paper with vegetable-based inksClimate wrote, "Harmony: a New Way of Looking at our World is beautifully bound, with thick, glossy pages full of photographs that take you on a visual journey of the natural and architectural wonders of the worldWithin its plan you can draw a vesica, a shape symbolising quaint term the "female organ of birth"The book follows the Hermetic school in maintaining that the structures of sacred buildings reflect patterns in the cosmos f5410380f0

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